We have been the trusted food photographers for Genki Sushi over the years, always delivering stunning images of their Japanese cuisine. They started with a classic look, but have recently been transitioning through a rebranding process. They are moving away from a pop aesthetic to a minimal, elegant, contemporary look. They have engaged us to help realize those rebranding goals and we have been crafting updated images since last summer. View some of our works from the current campaign and past projects below.

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Photo of the past 6 months under the refreshed brand image guideline

Some classic works many years ago

Genki Sushi is a famously popular Sushi and Japanese food brand in Asia with over 60 sites in Hong Kong and at least 40 in China. Genki Sushi is always expanding, but that make no difference in the long line of patrons eagerly waiting to be seated at every establishment. This 20 year old brand stays current by introducing fresh new ideas. Last summer, they revealed “Kousoku” a high speed sushi expediting bullet train update to the traditional belt delivery system.


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