As DonDonYa approached the opening of their newest branch at “APM” Hong Kong, they took the opportunity to refresh their entire image and branding. They wanted to present a more energetic and youthful vibrance paired with the previously established traditional Japanese elements. Son Gallery were engaged to capture all menu, poster, and advertising shots. In essence, we realized that new image under their direction.

Since DonDonYa has been our client for some time, we have had the opportunity to provide images to support both their old and new branding approaches. They have been consistently pleased with our ability to realize different stylistic approaches and adapt to their changing needs.

DONDONYA is a Japanese casual dining restaurant specializing in delicious and authentic Japanese donburi and rice dishes. They serve the Hong Kong region with 14 branches, the latest opening in Dec 15. Their newly updated brand aims for a stylish, yet cozy feel.

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