I have recently begun shooting Astrophotography and as part of that adventure, I took a trip to rural Guangxi. Yes, by night I spent my time setting up and testing new equipment under the stars. Still, I could not let a day pass without capturing the ethereal grandeur of my surroundings.

This collection showcases the undeniable beauty of the region during the day, at dusk, and at twilight. I take you through the textures, colors, and contrasts of the region. The photos reflect a time of changes. They are shot between January and February of 2016, while everyone in China is celebrating The Chinese New Year.

Then also, there is me. I am eagerly embarking on a project that has been a dream of mine for too long. I am finally taking photos of the stars in deep space and capturing images of light that has travelled for beyond the bounds of modern science. Even with my eyes focused upward, I cannot ignore the wonders right here. This experience has left me that much more in awe of all natural phenomenon.

By afternoon, the fog had lifted. I traveled to a mountain full of plum trees a farmer had planted. It was relaxing, sunny, and comfortably warm. This was the perfect time to capture the flowers under warm draping light. A whole section of hill was filled with these trees. I couldn’t help but think this was a scene straight out of a story book. Come summer, these white flowers will make way for sweet plum fruits.



I woke up early one morning, looked out my window, and could only see white light where before there was a landscape. Everything was covered by a heavy mist and I could not grab my camera fast enough, it was so enthralling. The bridge images are my favorite, for the sense of mystery they portray. They could be straight out of a silent movie. All of the images have a sense of tranquility, though. They draw the eye into the mist and into the unknown.

These photos were taken over the course of my recent visit to Guangxi. The series of wall textures have a grungy aesthetic with three dimensional layering. The abstract blotting reminds me of many contemporary graphic designs. The shadows of trees, fences, and wire become natural screens against the textural backdrops. The fireworks mark the late night celebrations of my Astrophotography victory and the Chinese New Year.


These snapshots capture the passing of time more than any of my other collections to date. They are both fleeting and poignant; considered and spontaneous. They feel like small surprises, because indeed I was surprised by the many stunning images before me. I set out to capture the stars and came back with a new respect for the mysteries of the trees, the mists, the flowers, and the villages of Guangxi, China.


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